Spandex Seamless Best Workout Leggings

This sport booty lifter legging can be extended five-way and back to its initial shape right away.

Stretchy, light, perfect bubble textured material.

The ultra-soft product offers exceptional convenience with really little weight without having limitations.

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Spandex seamless best workout leggings are the ideal leggings for all those looking for style, comfort, durability, and boot lifting leggings in 2021.

Emphasize your leg length and make you look taller and slimmer; Special details, rounder butt style, offer your butt a structured appearance like a Juicy peach.

Spandex seamless best workout high waist stomach control leggings offer mild compression to your stomach, contours your curves and enhances your shape, providing you a toned and trim appearance.

These leggings are made from nylon, cotton, and less than 20% spandex, breathable material, close your skin, and no inflammation. Smooth, tight fit, strong compression, fast drying, wetness wicking.

These leggings are available in purple, bright green, deep blue, and black and in the standard thickness level.

They can be used in the spring, Autumn, and winter seasons.

Perfect for sport, health club, yoga, workout, physical fitness, any kind of exercise, or daily usage.

Match it quickly with your preferred devices, sports bras, tank tops, and sports shoes.

Shipping of the Item

All orders are processed within 1-3 days after confirmation.

Please Do not hesitate to contact us in case of any inquiries.

Size Information
Size Waist(Stretch) Hip (Stretch) Length
S 64-85 25.1-33.4 76-80 29.9-31.4 91


M 66-90 25.9-34.4 80-88 31.5-34.6 92 36.2
L 68-95 26.7-37.4 84-94 33.0-37.0 93 36.6
Please allow 1-3cm measuring deviation due to the manual dimensions.

Why the spandex leggings are exceptional for you

The extraordinary flexibility of spandex fibers increases the clothes’ pressure comfort, boosting the ease of body motions.

Pressure convenience is the reaction towards clothes by the body’s pressure receptors (mechanoreceptors present in skin sensory cells). The experience reaction is impacted generally by the stretch, snug, loose, heavy, light-weight, soft, and stiff structure of the product.

The flexibility and strength (extending as much as 5 times its length) of spandex has actually been included in a wide variety of garments, specifically in skin-tight garments.

A positive aspect of spandex is its considerable strength and flexibility and its capability to go back to the initial shape after extending and much faster drying than regular materials.

For clothes, spandex is typically blended with cotton or polyester and represents a little portion of the last material, which for that reason keeps the majority of the feel and look of the other fibers.

In North America, it is uncommon in guys’ clothes, however common in ladies.

An approximated 80% of clothes offered in the United States included spandex in 2010


9165 Black, 9165 Blue, 9165 Blue Gray, 9165 Dark Green, 9165 Gray, 9165 Green, 9165 Lake Blue, 9165 Light Blue, 9165 Light Gray, 9165 Orange, 9165 Purple, 9165 Red Beans, 9165 Rose Red, 9165 Yellow, NS6023 Army Green, NS6023 Black, NS6023 Blue, NS6023 Blue Gray, NS6023 Bright Green, NS6023 Deep Gray, NS6023 Light Gray, NS6023 Pink, NS6023 Purple, NS6023 Red, NS6023 Rose Red, NS6023 Sky Blue, NS6023 Wine Red, NS6023 Yellow


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